FlexQ5 / Q5 Pro – User’s Guide 



Case Studies & White Papers

FlexSCADA Q5 series as a SatCom gateway device

SCADA for Water Systems


Lake Forest Water System Case Study


Water System Automation - Kanaka Bar, BC Canada


Village of Lytton Water System Case Study



Technical Bulletins

Comparison of the FlexSCADA Q5 and Q5Pro


Initial Startup & Firmware verification / update for FlexSCADA Q5 and FlexSCADA Q5Pro


Bootloader update for FlexSCADA Q5 and FlexSCADA Q5Pro


Adding sensors to the FlexSCADA Q5 and FlexSCADA Q5Pro


Toggle procedures for the FlexSCADA Q-5 series


FlexSCADA Q5 Watchdog status monitor & auto-reset capabilities


FlexSCADA Power On – Slow or No Response


Remotely rebooting the FlexSCADA device


MCE-ARS Stop Switch


MCE-ARS installation when powered via a FlexSCADA Distribution Board


FlexSCADA Morningstar use


FlexSCADA Input Connection Guide





FlexSCADA operation in extreme temperatures


Public Service Power Shutoff (P.S.P.S.) – Overcoming the unknown with FlexSCADA


Using FlexSCADA to monitor sites with questionable AC power grids


FlexSCADA offgrid site security


The effects of line loss on FlexSCADA sensors


FlexSCADA Ethernet connection in a positive-ground configuration


FlexSCADA Q5 in a 48-volt DC positive-ground configuration


Early hurricane intelligence can save your wind turbine system - are you ready?


The benefits of FlexSCADA IPv6 integrations


How to bake a battery - a recipe for failure.