About FlexSCADAFusion.com - the power of good companies and good people working together. So who is this sustainable force? It is Mission Critical Energy Inc., a company who's roots date back to 2003 and who's leadership and staff are dedicated to ethical standards,sometimes uncommon in the renewable energy industry, working together with FlexSCADA™, a subsidiary of Com Com Services Ltd., manufacturer of the FlexSCADA off-grid SCADA & monitoring system.

Many of our loyal customers know the value of our technology, and they appreciate our corporate values as well.  It was one of them who suggested we take some of the mystery out of our quiet success, and answer a simple question:  How are we different? 
1. We are not looking for Investors - we are not selling stock. We are a self-sustainable privately owned company, managed by experienced off-grid power industry leaders.
2. We sell fully developed, real-world tested products of the highest quality; this accomplished with no government funding or subsidies.  We do not experiment on our customers.
3. Our Products are made with pride in Canada, Germany and the USA

In July 2018, FlexSCADA™, a subsidiary of Com Com Services Ltd., manufacturer of the FlexSCADA off-grid SCADA system, announced a new joint venture with Mission Critical Energy, Inc. as their master distributor of choice specifically focusing on their Flex Q series off grid SCADA equipment and related sensors. Through the partnership, Mission Critical will expand the reach of FlexSCADA throughout the United States, Latin America, Oceania and Europe by stocking their products in those strategic regions and providing level one customer service for this technology.  FlexSCADAFusion.com, owned and operated by Mission Critical Energy Inc., is one of those important tools  - and is administered by Mission Critical Energy as well as FlexSCADA  to help provide accuracy and up to date information.

Together, we not only share thousands of projects and customers world-wide, we also share an important mindset:  Renewable Energy Technology, is only a benefit when useful, affordable and very reliable, even when unattended. By understanding Quality, we can deliver security, performance and self-reliance to our family of customers, vendors, partners and staff worldwide.

Also, Be assured, there are no commissioned sales people at Mission Critical Energy – only trained staff to help you assess your project honestly. We look forward to reviewing your next project with you.

Should you have any questions about your order, or to better understand how to integrate FlexSCADA, please contact:

Greg Whittemore - Systems Support Manager
Mission Critical Energy, Inc.
Phone: +1 716 276-8465
1801 North French Rd.
Getzville, NY 14068  USA

Technical Support

General Sales

in Canada only:

¬ Jon Mundall
   Senior Technical Adviser
   281 Main Street, Lytton BC V0K1Z0
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