FlexSCADA has the technology to watch your battery back-up, but more importantly, we can stop your system from going back ‘on’ to a shaky grid when the power is restored.  Most of the damage done to communications equipment and sensors comes from brownouts and surges. FlexSCADA helps you wait for a stable grid before switching power sources.

High Voltage Reducer (HV10M)

The new din-rail mountable High Voltage Reducer (HV10M) enables the FlexSCADA Q5 to measure voltages beyond 60 volts. The redesigned HV10M allows users to monitor more inputs and increases the maximum voltage range from 60V to 300V. HV10M connectors are rated to 300V and the voltage scaling components are rated to 1.5kv, providing protection against large surges and transient events.
Utilizing the upgraded HV10M, the FlexSCADA Q5 can now monitor voltages from each of the eight (8) analog inputs. Input lines can be connected directly to the terminal blocks and into the HV10M, eliminating the need to remove the terminal block to connect input wires to the high voltage reducer. The improved HV10M is also physically larger than the original version, both to facilitate din-rail mounting and to allow the unit to accept larger gauge input wire. As voltage reduction occurs within the unit, large gauge wire is not required to connect the HV10M to the analog input of the FlexSCADA Q5.

Non Invasive Amp Coil Sensor (Bi-directional Current) rated up to 100A

NEW!!!  100A Bi-Directional, Non Invasive current with higher accuracy and is Din Rail mountable - allows you to safely measure electrical current direction and amperage. This Current sensor is more durable and accurate than previous versions, and is Made in Canada.