Flexs Q5PRO (For up to 48V systems) (0 – 60V)

Flexs Q5 Pro - 12V, 24V & 48V systems (0 - 60V)  

All new Flexs Q5 Pro provides a path for seamless automation and monitoring, allowing you to integrate all of your equipment in a unified manner regardless of hardware or manufacturer.

In addition, we're pleased to announce the addition of several new features on our Flexs Q5 Pro units [delivered after August 1st, 2023, in Black], capabilities which build on our historical goals of providing seamless monitoring and control for your remote stations.

  • RS485 (Two Wire) is now supported which can be utilized for either ModBUS communication or as a raw communication port.
  • CAN Bus is now supported including CAN FD and CAN Classic with all conceivable operating modes.
  • Improved software and updated hardware styling
  • Eight (8) 60V, 10A, rated ATO Blade Mini Fuses.
  • Isolated current sensing on all 8 channels with a 0-5A range (allows users to view amperage for each relay).
  • Programmable fast or slow blow digital fusing from .25A to 5A with a configurable retry period.
  • Din-rail mount included
  • Five (5) year warranty$875.00

Flexs Q5 Standard (For up to 48V systems) (0 – 60V)

The Flexs Q5 is an industrial grade, low power and standalone device that includes everything you need for internet based monitoring and control combined into one single piece of hardware, simplifying installation, reducing power consumption and increasing reliability. Right out of the box you can monitor or log up to eight separate voltages or sensors and control up to eight fused load relays through the internet from your smartphone or laptop.



  • Eight (8) 60V, 10A, rated ATO Blade Mini Fuses.
  • Din-rail mount included
  • Three (3) year warranty