As Sunsetting impacts outdated equipment and software throughout the world, FlexSCADA use and demand surges. The Q5 Pro is the first Off-grid rated RTU designed with Static RAM, and is able to use multiple communication paths including; Broadband, Point to Point Radio, Cell, LoRaWan, even L.E.O and M.E.O. depending on the provider.

GET YOUR BACKHAUL BACK! FlexSCADA’s Watchdog capabilities can reset your backhaul without a visit to your site. Remote Reset, digital fusing, current monitoring and Ping triggers allow for many strategies and autonomous action, all to save someone from having to make a site visit.

P.S.P.S. is Not a four letter word… It stands for ‘Public Safety Power Shutoff’ and most western states in the USA and a number of Provinces in Canada have passed laws to allow public utilities to preemptively turn off power in a region prior to storms when wildfire hazard conditions are near maximum.  FlexSCADA can help you manage your battery back up assets, but even more importantly, the Q5 Pro can help prevent you from going back on the grid too soon – thus avoiding brownouts and surges that can damage your equipment.  Learn how our grid assessment software combined with a high voltage reducer can help you survive P.S.P.S. events. 

Compact design and DIN rail mounting  combined with truly rugged components  (designed for modern aircraft) allow FlexSCADA to be used in remarkable places and in remarkable ways. Static Ram, ARM Cortex 7, a secure private software kernel and onboard simple JAVA script programing enable ease of use and fast remote updates and interaction – almost anywhere!

Water, Moisture, and Humidity awareness are becoming critical data points to management decision making in many industries – including, of course, Agriculture.  Unlike many RTU based monitoring systems, FlexSCADA can connect to thousands of types of sensors – and FlexSCADA end users are never forced to use only a single brand.  The real world variables are unlimited – so why would you want a SCADA based RTU that is limited?  Your sensors, your data, your choices is why experience clients spec FlexSCADA

Its your Data! …and FlexSCADA gives you complete control of what to do with it.  Our open platform helps you avoid unnecessary and costly subscription fees tied to often outdated ‘proprietary’ closed architectures.   In addition, we never tie our clients to mandatory cell data contracts as many so-called remote monitoring companies do.

Connecting the span from sensor to satellite and beyond. Our skies are changing, the landscape is changing and the ability to communicate to some of the most remote places in the world continues to expand. FlexSCADA’s easy Ethernet connectivity often combined with our expansion port enable terrestrial sensor data to flow through space while important SCADA signals update the unit.  True SCADA via satellite communications without all the hassle? Its what we do, ask us how.