FlexSCADA Fusion a division of Mission Critical Energy Inc., specializes in the training, integration and use of FlexSCADA brand RTUs and related sensors; integrated for communications for off-grid monitoring and control, as well as Grid-tied Battery back up systems exposed to shaky utility grid power.   

Mission Critical Energy Inc. supports Oil & Gas, Mining, Wireless Communications, Telecommunications, Public Safety, Utility and Government sectors with specialized off-grid monitoring and control equipment, off-grid power charging sources as well as integration and professional services.  Clean technology, for a cleaner world.

Our company represents a gathering of distinctive brands and specialized products managed through a number of our ‘client focused’ divisions.

Mission Critical Energy Our primary mandate is on designing and supplying  real world solutions for remote and off-grid applications, as well as sites prone to power outages.                

Corporate Disclosures:
FlexSCADA Fusion and FlexSCADAfusion.com represent a division of Mission Critical Energy Inc.

Mission Critical Energy Inc. is a privately owned USA Company and a New York State Based S-Corporation.
Contact us directly for further information including Corperate ID Numbers and Cage Code.

Note: Com Com Ltd doing business as FlexSCADA is a privately owned company in British Columbia, Canada
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