Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions, FlexSCADA Q5 RTUs are famous for ultra-low power consumption, and can be powered by 12V, 24V and 48V DC battery banks or grid based power supplies.  An operating range of 9V to 60V DC allows us to deliver true SCADA combined with real time monitoring in real world situations. FlexSCADA has been a leader in the off-grid automation and field automation industry since 2013 and our team has over 30 years of experience in embedded controls technology.


Remote monitoring & remote
control has never been easier. 

FlexSCADA is easy to integrate.

Take a look at our video now to learn more. 

Our FlexSCADA Q5 series strategy delivers dashboards and programming screens enabled for different devices, INCLUDING OUR RTU!  This is yet another way FlexSCADA is different from outdated monitoring systems. You can program, make changes, and check a FlexSCADA in the field without a laptop.

The Q5 Pro has 8 intelligent load switches featuring digital and physical fusing as well as current monitoring.  This means if a digital fuse is tripped, it can be reset remotely – or through a pre-confirmed command structure created through simple Java script.  These features enable FlexSCADA  to power radios, relays, tower lighting, and on demand equipment such as cameras or proximity deterrents – and give you the awareness the devices are actually working, as observed through load current sensing.

Our customers have off-grid assets for a reason; safety, operational awareness, and infrastructure supporting many different industries.  FlexSCADA comes prepared with 8 inputs able to receive individual analog, digital, pulse and even dry contact sensor info.0-2V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, Modbus, and many more. The Q5 series also can power and receive data from scores of one wire sensors – such as temperature, humidity and moisture.

Modern Ethernet Connectivity combined with ‘out of the box’ industry standard protocols including; SNMP, HTTP, MODBUS, MQTT, UDP, ICMP Ping and more. Q5 expansion ports enable TTL and ‘One Wire’ technology.

FlexSCADA is highly compatable with other devices and even well known software. The Q5 series can be integrated with Raspberry Pi (it can also be a Raspberry Pi alternative) as well as other single board computers. It can often work with pre-exsisting SCADA Software such as Ingnition (R) or common SCADA software utilizing a SQL Bridge.  Our mission in creating FlexSCADA remote telemetry units was to enable robust high technology operations with modern SCADA communication protocols and to work along side other SCADA systems.

Historical automation enabled wondrous equipment construction and design. However, in many applications, decades old SCADA systems are lacking oversight and awareness capabilities. In many cases, the FlexSCADA Q5 is able to be integrated into your operations strategy allowing for managers to have the awareness and control they need, even off-site. When you are considering site automation overhauls, especially remote or offgrid SCADA automation in the field, FlexSCADA might be your best choice.  Have a NEWMAR Site Power Monitor (SPM-200) that has been discontinued? We Can Help!  We are glad to help customers recover when they find out they are using discontinued equipment.

To learn how FlexSCADA might benefit your site, or to schedule one on one real time training with one of our engineers, please call 716 276 8465. We are available M-F 9-5 EST.

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