Flexs Q5 (For up to 48V systems) (0 – 60V)



The Flexs Q5 is an industrial grade, low power and standalone device that includes everything you need for internet based monitoring and control combined into one single piece of hardware, simplifying installation, reducing power consumption and increasing reliability. Right out of the box you can monitor or log up to eight separate voltages or sensors and control up to eight fused load relays through the internet from your smartphone or laptop.  Din-rail mount included.  This version includes (8) 80V, 10A, rated Spark Quenching Fuses.

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The Flexs Q5 is specifically built for remote off-grid SCADA applications requiring the ultimate in robustness, low power consumption and ease of use.

Out of the box it will allow users to monitor eight voltmeter inputs (Up to 60V) and control eight different load switches from your web browser through an Ethernet IP connection.

The Flexs Q5’s runs an internal web server and can be operated as a standalone device over any IP network or can be polled for its measurements via a wide variety of supported protocols. We also offer our own optional cloud hosting for customers wanting easy one-click integration.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in