Flexs Q5 Pro (For up to 48V systems) (0 – 60V)


The Flexs Q5 Pro is an industrial grade, low power and standalone device that includes everything you need for internet based monitoring and control combined into one single piece of hardware, simplifying installation, reducing power consumption and increasing reliability. Right out of the box you can monitor or log up to eight separate voltages or sensors and control up to eight fused load relays through the internet from your smartphone or laptop.  Din-rail mount included.  This version includes (8) 80V, 10A, rated Spark Quenching Fuses.

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The Flexs Q5 Pro is specifically built for remote off-grid SCADA applications requiring the ultimate in reliability, low power consumption and ease of use.

Out of the box, it will allow users to monitor eight voltmeter inputs (Up to 60V) and control eight different load switches from your web browser through an IP connection. (Ethernet or LTE)

The Q5 Pro features high accuracy current monitoring on each of the eight load switches allowing for detailed on-site power auditing as-well as adjustable digital fusing with automatic retry and alarm notifications. All configurable right from your web browser so you never have to worry about replacing fuses again!

The Flexs Q5’s runs an internal web server and can be operated as a standalone device over any IP network or can be polled for its measurements via a wide variety of supported protocols. We also offer optional cloud hosting for customers wanting easy one-click integration.


Voltage Range: ±60V AC / DC   With  4-20MA Mode

Type: 24 Bit Fully Differential Bipolar (Allows measuring voltages with floating grounds such as individual cell voltages, etc)

Sample Rate: Up to 16K Samples Per Second with AVG, MIN, MAX, RIPPLE and RMS aggregation options


  • 0.00005 V @ ±60v range
  • 0.000004 V precision @ ±5V range


  • Analog Value
  • Dry contact / Alarm Contact
  • Pulse Counter
  • Frequency counter

Additional Features:

  • Configurable voltage threshold levels for frequency, pulse and dry contact modes
  • Can push to server immediately on alarm contact change
  • On-board 5V output for powering sensors
  • Power Vector Calculation for RMS Voltage, RMS Current, Watts, Power factor, Hz, etc.
  • Web based oscilloscope function allows for analysis of harmful interference often caused by MPPT and PWM type battery chargers or signal distortion from noise.

Ultra low power consumption

  • Less than 0.8 Watt typ power consumption, designed specifically for remote off-grid SCADA
  • Runs directly from 12 – 48v battery banks


8X Universal Analog Inputs

With ultra-high precision and sampling rate, the universal inputs on the Flexs Q5 can measure almost anything

  • Battery Voltages
  • Current Sensors
  • Wind Speed Sensors
  • Intrusion Sensors
  • 4-20MA Sensors
  • AC Line Voltage and Frequency
  • ++ More!


8X Universal Relay Load Switches /W Current Monitoring

  • Digital Fusing with a programmable current limit, trip delay, and automatic retry
  • High accuracy 2ma precision current monitoring on each switch
  • Solid-State isolated design supports unlimited switching cycles
  • Up to 10A / 60V Rating (robust 200A @ 10ms surge rated)

Web-based oscilloscope

  • Diagnose DC noise issues caused by MPPT and PWM solar chargers
  • Analyze power quality

Onboard Javascript engine

  • Automate your remote site with simple scripting rules
  • Set and Read registers from any networked Modbus TCP devices

Electrical Rating: Up to 60V / 10A Max (100A Surge <1ms)

Fusing: Standard ATO blade style fuse

Digital Fusing: Programmable fast or slow blow digital fusing from .25A to 5A with configurable retry period

Load Monitoring: Isolated current sensing on all 8 channels, (0-5A range)

Switching Time: typ <4ms @ 8A

Type: Isolated Solid State N-Channel FET /W Flyback Protection

Isolation:  Fully Isolated

Additional features:

  • High side or low side switching
  • Optically isolated 8V gate drive output can be used to drive larger or higher voltage external FET’s


Sensor Type: DS18B20 Digital One-Wire temperature sensors

Max Sensors: Up to 64 individually addressable sensors on the same bus

Accuracy: 0.025C over -40C to +100C (Approx)

Additional Information:

  • 3.3V Output Terminal for powering sensors
  • Checksum verification to prevent bad readings
  • Automatic sensor detection
  • Robust EMI and Surge Protection
  • Individual sensor addressing allows for seamless adding of new sensors


  • IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • ±16-kV IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4 ESD Protection
  • IEEE 802.3 Auto-Negotiation and Parallel Detection
  • IEEE 802.3 ENDEC, 10BASE-T Transceivers and Filters
  • IEEE 802.3 PCS, 100BASE-TX Transceivers and Filters
  • Integrated ANSI X3.263 Compliant TP-PMD Physical Sub-Layer with Adaptive Equalization and Baseline Wander Compensation
  • Error-Free 100Base-T Operation up to 150 Meters Under Typical Conditions
  • Error-Free 10Base-T Operation up to 300 Meters Under Typical Conditions
  • Automatic Power Back Off to reduce power up in systems with shorter cables

Additional Info

  • Dual IPv4 / IPv6 Stack

Environment:  – 40 ~ +85C Industrial Operation Range (95% RH Non Condensing)

Power Supply: 9-60V DC (Reverse polarity and surge protected)

Power Consumption:  typ 0.8 Watts @ 12 Volts

Form Factor: 157mm x 108mm x 40mm

Mounting: DIN or Edge Screw holes

Additional Information:

  • Removable screw terminals
  • 1.3″ OLED display
  • Rotary encoder allows viewing of all measurements locally and controlling relays
  • 3D Models available upon request for design assistance
  • 5.00V output is Ultra Low Noise linear post regulated from a 5.5V DC DC buck converter for optimum efficiency and accuracy over the full temperature rangeSoftware
  • Everything configurable from an easy to use onboard web server, no special software or licensing required.
  • Automatic relay control based on ping status, timers or logic.
  • HTTP JSON API, SNMP, Modbus TCP support for integration with existing infrastructure or network monitoring packages.
  • Onboard javascript scripting for automating more complex control elements.


The Flexs Q5 offers several modes of operation for data logging.

  • Standalone, users can view real-time measurements and control relays etc from the web interface
  • Standalone, logging measurements to an SD Card for analysis
  • Standalone and polled via SNMP, HTTP  or Modbus
  • Connected to the cloud (Allows batch configuration changes and ultra-low data usage compressed measurement uploads)

The Flexs Q5 Pro includes a 5-year limited warranty with the following terms.

  • To qualify for a warranty claim the unit must have been operating within the listed specifications..
    I.E. Water Damage, Physical Damage or Electrical Damage from operating beyond ratings will not be covered
  • Failed units must be returned for failure analysis. (FlexSCADA or its distributors will pay for return shipping)


Statement of reliability

FlexSCADA has been manufacturing remote telemetry units for close to 10 years and has built a reputation for reliability and performance under the most demanding conditions from the North Pole to the heat of the middle eastern desert.

All of our critical components are supply chain traced and come from North American or European semiconductor manufactures with many of the same ratings you would have in a military, medical, aerospace and automotive fields where safety and reliability are paramount.

While most competitors use systems that operate an entire OS stack which requires regular software patches and updates; we have chosen to engineer our own real-time system from the ground up allowing for several key advantages.

  • Longer Product Life Cycle
  • Tightened Security
  • Lower Power Consumption

Additionally, since our Q5 uses only 1MB of memory, we can utilize more expensive but much more reliable SRAM type memory which is not susceptible to EMI and Cosmic Rays in the same way that conventional SDRAM or DDRR memory is which is utilized by most systems.  As an extra layer of protection, the Q5 also adds Error Correcting Codes (ECC) to its memory which is beyond the industry recommendations for SRAM type memory.

Manufactured at our facilities in North America and utilizing a 100% solid state hardware design with no electrolytic capacitors or other elements that rapidly degrade over time we are confident that the Flexs Q5 will perform long past the warranty period.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in